Dorothea Lange Hand, Indonesian Dancer, Java 1958

Dorothea Lange

Hand, Indonesian Dancer, Java



corporelle is a sensual body experience, 

 close proximity of body and fabric

 is a believe in flexibility of body language

 and in the fundamental nature of erotic feelings.

CORPORELLE as a niche brand produces limited collections of lingerie. The brand was established by a tailor and an art-critic in 2014. Consciously refusing the immoderate decorativeness, metal structures and push-up effect they gave preference to the almost impalpable finest silk tulle. 

The original purpose was to fill a gap in the Russian market and to revive the lost skills (since Saint-Petersburg was an historical center of the underwear manufacturing of the imperial era. Immediately CORPORELLE has sparked the international interest and attracted the attention not only of professionals but also of women who were desired to wear the brand new lingerie.

 Later the french artist Jacques Rousseaux became a part of CORPORELLE’s team. He has been created a new direction of the brand’s style. Being the brand’s logo the ink stroke not only refers to the personal signatures of artists, poets and philosophers but also expresses corporelle's intention to intellectualize the intimacy.